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3 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Photographer

Over this last month,

I photographed a beautiful wedding overlooking Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region. The ceremony and reception itself were picturesque, a dream wedding that you would see in the movies or on TV. During the toast, I had flashbacks to my wedding 3 years ago. At that moment, I thought to myself, what would I have changed? What do I regret? I can honestly tell you, my biggest regret was not having a professional photographer photographing our wedding. Here are 3 reasons why you should not make the same mistake.

1. We had to depend on the photos that guests took at the wedding

Probably the biggest and hardest pill to swallow. I thought we would be fine by having our own hashtag #hultzmanwedding2015 (I know, original right?) The truth? NO ONE USED IT! We forgot to put the sign up in the waiting area to tell everyone to use that hashtag when uploading to social media! We had to depend on people tagging us on Facebook to get any of the wedding photos.

2. A majority of those pictures we were tagged in, were selfies

BOOM! Now a few of them were obviously of Bryan and me, but a majority of them were friends and family members taking selfies of the reception. And as much as I love taking a good selfie, I can tell you first hand, I would have rather had quality photos of Bryan and I’s first kiss, or even our first dance as husband and wife.

***On that note, I just want to point out that there were 2 seriously cute photos taken by Bryan’s godmother and one by my best friend. ****

3. We don’t really have photos to look back on

Since a majority of those photos were cell phone images, when we went to print out some of our favorites, the photos were pixelated, low resolution, and really distorted. We spent hours on so many beautiful details like our centerpieces that were never pictured. We would have loved to have an album to share with my children or even grandchildren someday. But until Facebook becomes non-existent, that will be the only way that we can view our wedding photos.

With all of that said…

I know when it comes to planning a wedding, budgeting for a photographer can get to be pretty expensive. However, it is the absolute best investment you will ever spend- hands down for your special day. You want someone to capture those details. Someone who captures the little details, like the moment when your father sees you for the first time adorned in a beautiful white dress. Or grandma wiping a tear from her eye during the ceremony. Or even Uncle Steve busting a serious dance move on the dance floor. I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I did. Please, don’t make the same mistake as I did.

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