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Why you NEED to have an engagement session

With wedding season approaching very quickly, May-October, it’s a prime time to get engagement photos done!

May-October, it’s a prime time to get engagement photos done! Between spring and fall is the best time to get engagement photos done because the trees are in bloom, plus it’s typically warm outside! Which is always a bonus!

If you are thinking about having your engagement session done by your wedding photographer, here are 3 reasons why you need to!!

1. You and your soon-to-be spouse get to be yourselves and have fun in front of the camera

This is one of THEE best parts of having an engagement session! Are you a goofy couple and like to play around? Then you are going to love this!

Your wedding photographer will walk you through poses that will make you two feel comfortable! You get to be yourself! Maybe you love dancing with each other like no one is watching, or bump each other to knock either of you over, or even just a snuggly couple! This is your opportunity to be yourself in front of the camera!

2. Engagement sessions are absolutely perfect for save the dates

Let me repeat that again, they are absolutely perfect for save the dates! Typically I encourage my brides to do your engagement photos a year to 9 months in advance before your wedding day so that you give more than enough notice for your guests to attend! Plus, it gives an opportunity for the guests to check out the engagement photos that you chose to share!

(If you are looking for save the dates, I encourage you to check out Basic Invites and use my code!)

3. You get to know your photographer better and how well you will work with them

Think of this as a sneak preview for your wedding day! With an engagement session, you are able to see how your wedding photographer poses you, makes you feel comfortable, and how they act! Are they fun and bubbly? Are they calm and relaxed? Do they truly vibe with you? This is so important because you are able to tell if they are your right match!

Still debating on doing engagement photos? Just remember this…

I know you value family. Someday when you have your own and show your grandkids later down the road, you can show them what “grandma and grandpa looked like when they were young.” Or better yet, you always have your engagement photos to reminisce. Take the time to have them done, I promise you won’t regret it.

Looking to hire your engagement and wedding photographer? Let’s chat!

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