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Figuring out what to wear for your engagement session can be so hard! But lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be anymore!

First off…

Congratulations on your engagement!! Planning for your engagement session is one of THEE best parts of planning your wedding! Not only do you get a feel for how the photographer will pose you, but you get to use the photos for your save the dates and/or holiday cards!

One of the biggest questions I get asked all of the time is, “What in the world do I wear for my engagement session?”

Don’t worry, friend, I’ve gotcha’! Here are 3 tips on what to wear for your engagement session!

1. One casual, one dressy outfit

When planning your engagement session, it is super important to make sure that these photos are exactly what you want. This is why I highly recommend my clients to wear one casual outfit and one dressy outfit. Not only does it give a variety in the photos, but it’s just nice to have options!

2. Does it match your style and personality?

This one, my friend, is HUGE!! The biggest thing that you should remember going into your engagement session is, does this make me feel comfortable? Is this something that I would wear normally or wear when I get dressed up? At the end of the day, your photographer will be able to capture whether or not you are comfortable and confident in yourself. You want to make sure that the clothes that you wear to your engagement session reflect who you are and what you would usually wear!

3. Coordinate, but don’t go too matchy-matchy

When figuring out what to wear for your engagement session, it is essential to make sure that your clothes with your significant other compliments one another, not clash. But that being said, you don’t want to be matchy-matchy either.

Let’s say you are having your engagement session on the beach. If you wear a white flowy dress and your fiancé wears a white t-shirt and khakis, it all just blends together. However, if your fiancé wears a light blue dress shirt instead of the white, it gives it a pop of color and makes your photos look fantastic! For more ideas, make sure to check out our Pinterest!

BONUS TIP- Get professional make-up done

Now, some may say, is this really necessary? Technically, no. However! The reason why I highly recommend getting professional make-up done for your engagement session is that women feel super confident in their photos and it always shows.

***Pro-tip: Schedule your make-up trial run with your hair and makeup artist the morning of your engagement session! Not only do you get a feel for how your makeup artist works for your wedding day, but it gives you a TON of confidence going into your engagement session! Win-win!***

We are so excited to be offering Charleston wedding photography and portrait photography in January 2020!

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