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Using Your Intuition To Find Your Dream Wedding Photographer

You hear the word intuition thrown around these days…

But have you ever thought about using your intuition to find your dream wedding photographer?

In case you’re not sure what your intuition is, think of it as your inner knowing. The knowing in your heart, something feels right or something feels wrong. There is no logical or conscious reasoning for it, it is just the way that it is.

Are you thinking you don’t have one? Don’t worry, let me reassure you that you do! Here are 3 examples of when you use it!

  1. When you say yes to your dream dress!
  2. When you say yes to your fiancé when they propose!
  3. Finding your dream wedding photographer!

So now that you know for sure you have an intuition, let’s kick it up a notch! Let’s say you are about to interview a potential wedding photographer. Here are 3 ways to know if that photographer is your dream wedding photographer just by using your intuition!

1. It’s as if you knew them your whole life

One of the biggest ways that you can tell if a person is your dream wedding photographer is that there is an immediate connection when you interview them. You feel in your heart as if you have known this person your entire life. Even better? They feel like a friend that you can just talk to them about anything!

2. They answer all of your questions long before you even ask them

If you leave the interview with the photographer wondering, “Oh wow, that person answered every question that I have and I didn’t even have to ask a question”, let me reassure you, that is the photographer you want photographing your wedding. It is meant to be!

3. Most importantly, it just feels right

After the interview, you should leave the interview knowing in your gut, that you have complete trust in this person and that they are the one who should photograph your wedding. Just like saying yes to your fiancé, follow your intuition and what feels right when choosing your dream wedding photographer.


If you are stuck between two photographers, do not just flip a coin or make a pros and cons list. What you need to do is meditate. Take some time to sit alone, breathe, and let your thoughts just come to you. Your intuition will help guide you in finding your dream wedding photographer!

Best of luck in finding your dream wedding photographer!

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