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Sample Wedding Timeline- Columbia SC Wedding Photographers


Not exactly sure how to craft your wedding day timeline? This is for you!

When crafting your wedding day timeline, it can be pretty hard at times! What is a timeline and why do I need it? Where do you even begin?

Well, friend, I’ve gotcha’ covered!

A Wedding Day Timeline…

Is an overview of how your wedding day is planned out! It’s important to have it, that way vendors are in the know of what’s going on and what times they should be planning on doing their job. If you have a wedding planner or coordinator at the venue, they should be able to help you out and make a very detailed timeline.

However, if you don’t have a wedding planner, this example will be a great starting point!

This sample wedding timeline includes 8-hour coverage for a wedding photographer, assuming that the wedding is in the early evening, there is a first look and no travel time.

Sample Wedding Timeline

10:00- Hair and MakeUp arrives

12:00- 1:00pm- Vendors start setting up equipment

1:00- Photographers Arrive- Start photographing details (dress, rings, shoes, invitation suite, etc.)

1:45 pm- Photographer captures bride and bridesmaids getting ready, the second photographer photographs groom and groomsmen getting ready

2:00 pm- Bride gets into her dress

2:45 pm- First Look

3:00 pm- Bride and Groom Portraits

3:30 pm- Bridal Party Portraits

4:00 pm- Photographer captures Ceremony & Venue detail shots/ Bride is in hiding

4:30 pm- Ceremony begins

5:00 pm- Ceremony ends

5:15 pm- Cocktail Hour Begins

5:20 pm- Family Formals

5:40 pm- Golden Hour Bride and Groom Photos

6:15 pm- Grand Introductions

6:30 pm- Buffet Opens/ Dinner Served

7:30 pm- Toasts

7:45 pm- Dancing the night away

8:00 pm- “Fake Exit”- Sparklers and/ or glow sticks

9:00 pm- Photographers leave

11:00 pm- Venue shuts down, vendors clean up

There are many variations of how the wedding day timeline can be set up. It depends on whether or not you are having a morning wedding, evening wedding, a first look, or not! But hopefully, this article has helped you navigate how to set up your wedding day timeline!

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