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3 Easy Tips To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome


Do you struggle with Shiny Object Syndrome? Me too! Here is my easy trick to overcome it!

What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

Shiny Object Syndrome, Squirrel Brain, whatever you like to call it, is the term used to being distracted by other things. For instance, you could be focusing on your work, then suddenly have this idea come from nowhere and start working on that instead. Or you could be scrolling Instagram, and an ad pops up saying, “Read these 3 tips on how to make 6 figures in 3 months!”

These distractions come from everywhere, and if we are not careful, we can really get sucked into them.

I will admit, I’ve bought into A LOT of these shiny objects! Also, out of those one hundred offers, a handful were beneficial to me and my business. Shiny Object Syndrome is real! Luckily though, we can overcome it!

Here are the three easy tips I use to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome!

how to overcome shiny object syndrome

1. Focus on your goals & evaluate

One of the biggest ways to stop Shiny Object Syndrome pretty quickly is being conscious of what your goals are. When you get distracted, ask yourself, “does (whatever I’m distracted by) align with my goals?” If no, get back to what you were doing before.

When the answer is yes, you need to evaluate if it is actually going to benefit you. What does the program offer, service, or distraction going to serve you in your goals? On that note, trust your gut when evaluating. If the program, offer, service, or distraction feels light and expansive, go for it! If something feels “off” or you need to sit on it, chances are it’s not right.

overcoming shiny object syndrome

2. Limit the noise

Another easy way to get rid of Shiny Object Syndrome is by limiting the noise you are taking. Not only does it help with your productivity, but it is super helpful in the long run! Here are some examples of limiting the noise!

  • Install Newsfeed Eradicator for Google Chrome (Helps turn off your newsfeed on Facebook)
  • Turn off your TV
  • Close the tabs you are not actively using on your computer.
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode

Using these helpful tips above, you should be able to limit the noise to overcome Shiny Object Syndrome.

overcoming shiny object syndrome

3. Write them down and revisit

Last but not least! One of my favorite ways of overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome is by writing it down & revisiting it! This is extremely helpful for the visionaries who are constantly coming up with new ideas left and right!

By writing down the ideas you have, you can think of it as “assigning” a place for them to go! Because if you are anything like me, if the idea doesn’t go anywhere, you either forget about the awesome idea, or it’s on your mind until you do something about it.

I recommend finding a place for you to write it down (whether that be a journal, Google Doc, Word, Click Up, Asana) then revisit it at a later date. You can revisit the idea as early as tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year. I personally like to revisit my ideas bi-weekly to see how I can incorporate them into my business.

how to overcome shiny object syndrome

Jan 15, 2021

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