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Scarcity Vs. An Abundant Mindset for Photographers


Have you ever heard of a scarcity mindset vs. an abundant mindset? This article will give you a basic breakdown of how it relates to photography.

When I’m coaching my clients, I make sure to pay attention to how they’re talking about themselves. The way a photographer talks about themselves and their business is an awesome indicator of where their mindset is in their business. This is also a great indicator of where they are financially in their business and booking clients!

With that said, in this article, we are going to go over the breakdown of a scarcity mindset and an abundant mindset and how it relates to your photography business! So let’s get started!

a basic breakdown of scarcity and abundant mindset for photographers

Scarcity Mindset

A scarcity mindset quite literally is the mindset that there is not enough, or there is a lack of something. Photographers with this mindset are often caught saying, “I don’t have enough bookings,” “I can’t do this because another photographer is taking my clients,” “I need more clients to make more money,” “I want to book out mini sessions,” etc.

The feeling that you have when you have a scarcity mindset is heavy and restricting. Some physical symptoms of this feeling can make you sick to your stomach or have a headache.

As mentioned in the examples, common phrases that a person with a scarcity mindset use are; I don’t have, I can’t, I need, I hope, I’m trying, I want, and I don’t know, etc.

a basic breakdown of scarcity and abundant mindset for photographers

Abundant Mindset

On the other hand, a photographer with an abundant mindset speaks a lot differently from a scarcity mindset. These photographers usually have no problem booking clients, know wholeheartedly that there is always more than enough in their business, and don’t tend to doubt themselves.

The feeling you have when you have an abundant mindset is light and expansive! Sometimes it might feel a little scary but in an exciting way.

Since photographers with an abundant mindset don’t emphasize lack, they focus on the bigger picture. Common phrases a person with an abundant mindset use are; I desire, I create, I have, I can, I choose, I love, etc.

a basic breakdown of scarcity and abundant mindset for photographers

How to use it in your photography business

Whether your mindset is scarcity or abundant is a direct correlation on how business is run. Obviously, you want to be more in an abundance mindset as much as you can. However, if you are in a scarcity mindset, it isn’t exactly a horrible thing. Here is why!

I personally think sometimes having a scarcity mindset can be a bit of a blessing because it highlights what you need to work on. For instance, when a photographer uses a phrase like, “I can’t book enough clients.” It’s an opportunity to open up and ask yourself, where are you not feeling “enough” in your personal life. Then once you realize you have a block around feeling enough, you can work on how you can reframe that belief and switch it into an abundant thought.

So instead of saying, “I can’t book enough clients,” you rephrase that into “what are some ways that I can book more clients.” Notice how the first thought of “I can’t book enough clients” can feel dull or restricting. However, when you use the words “What are some ways I can book clients,” it’s much more expansive and lighter!

Now that you are aware of what a scarcity mindset and an abundant mindset look like, how does this show up in your life? Where can you see in your life or business where you are feeling more abundant or scarce? Comment below!

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scarcity and abundant mindset for photographers

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