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Why Photographers Don’t Offer RAW Images


Have you ever wondered why photographers don’t give out their RAW images? Keep reading to find out more. 

After being in business for the last few years…

I just recently had my first experience with a person asking if they could receive the RAW images. 

I will be the first to admit, I was taken back. Why in the world would you want to look at these massive files of “before” edited images?

Then I realized, instead of getting mad about why they asked for RAW images, why not make a blog post to educate more about RAW images and why you should never ask a photographer for them. 

So here goes nothing. Here are 3 reasons why photographers don’t offer raw images. 

RAW files are MASSIVE

Even if a photographer could give you the images, this is one of the first main reasons why they won’t. 

When you are learning photography, one of the first, (and most important) lessons to learn is to shoot in RAW. The main reason why a photographer shoots in RAW is that it is much easier to edit. When you are asking for the RAW images, you are asking for massive images on your computer. Let me give you an example.

You have a watermelon. RAW images are like watermelons, they are huge files. When you are asking for a RAW file, not only are you asking to see what the “before” photo looks like, but you are asking for a HUGE file that takes up a lot of space in your computer storage. Trust me, friend, it’s not even worth asking for them for that reason alone.

You Don’t Want To See Every Before Photo

Yes, it’s true. Photographers don’t want to show you every before image. Because chances are, there are some you won’t be crazy about.

In fact, there might be a lot you aren’t crazy about when you see the before image. Some photographers shoot very brightly, while others photograph very dark. The magic of their images come to life during post-processing (aka editing.)

Why Photographers Wont Offer RAW Images

Not to mention, some of the photos that the photographer takes isn’t all that flattering. Have you ever seen the Beyoncé photo?

(Not my image)

As funny as it is, this is definitely one of the main reasons why photographers are not going to give you the RAW images.

It Discredits The Photographer

When you ask a photographer for their RAW images, it’s literally a throat punch and a sucker punch to their heart.

Your photographer has spent countless hours working and perfecting your images to make sure that you will love them. By asking for the RAW images, it leaves a sour taste in their mouth. They work hours on editing for you to question their work? It’s heartbreaking.

If you want to see a before photo…

Ask them if you can see a before and after photo. Simply put. It’s much less offensive, plus you can see how much work they have done to edit a photo.

Just remember, whatever you do, do not ask for a RAW Image.

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Apr 10, 2020

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