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3 Things You NEED To Do As Soon As You Are Proposed To!


It happened!! You were proposed to!!

The love of your life has proposed to you and you just got promoted from girlfriend to fiance! Suddenly it hits you, OMG YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!! Where do you even start in the planning process?!

Don’t worry friend, I’ve gotcha covered!

Before you start planning your wedding, the first thing you should do is to sit down and imagine what your dream wedding will look like!

Will the ceremony be at a winery on the lake that you grew up on? Do you have a theme for your wedding? Do you want it to be rustic or elegant? Are you going to have your bridesmaids hold a bouquet or have them wear a floral corsage? What you want your wedding dress to look like? Pinterest, my dear, is your best friend leading up to your wedding day!

Once you have a date set in mind, the first thing you NEED to do is…

1. Check out your dream wedding venue

If you haven’t already, make sure to go to The Knot or Wedding Wire to get an idea of what the venue that you have in mind will look like!

Can you picture yourself getting married at that venue? If you think it is the one, set a time with the venue’s coordinator and explore everything the venue has to offer. If it is definitely the venue of your dreams and is in your budget. BOOK IT.

Depending on what season you are getting married, venues book up so incredibly fast. You don’t want to wait and then settle with a different venue because your venue booked the date you wanted.

2. Book your wedding photographer

What kind of style you want your day to be captured in. Do you want a dark and moody photographer? A bright and airy photographer?

As soon as you have a style of photography in mind, reach out to those photographers and see if they have your wedding date available! Do their values mirror yours? Do they offer engagement sessions in their packages? Are they friendly and send you personalized messages or just send you a price sheet and call it a day? See which photographer vibes with you. Once you’ve found the one…

BOOK THEM! Do not wait, especially if that photographer is in high demand. If the photographer is in high demand, they book up quickly. Being a photographer, there is nothing sadder than denying a bride you want to work with because you have that wedding day already booked.

3. Bridesmaid/ Maid of Honor Proposals

This part is so much fun!

Once again, make sure you download Pinterest if you haven’t already because they have so many cute proposal ideas!! Do you want to ask your bridesmaid in person with a small gift? Or do you want to send a gift in the mail popping the question if they want to be your bridesmaid?! You can get as creative as you want! The reason why I encourage brides to do this sooner or later because…

From personal experience, there is a possibility your good friend might not be available that day because they are already committed to another wedding or it is right around their due date if they are pregnant. However, if they are available, they are going to love being proposed by you to be apart of your big day!!

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May 22, 2019

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