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Why Photographers Struggle With Pricing


In this article, you will learn 5 limiting beliefs why photographers struggle with pricing their services (and how to fix it!)

When I first started coaching photography clients, there were 5 main limiting beliefs about why they struggle with their pricing. Perhaps, maybe you are in the same place as they are!

What photographers don’t realize is that many of these “reasons” are actually blocks holding them back from booking the clients they dream of! Let’s break down each reason and reframe each block.

1. Who am I to charge x

When I hear this belief, it is a clear indicator that the photographer struggles with some self-worth problems. Words like “who am I” create self-doubt in the photographer, which can ultimately self sabotage themselves from working with the clients they desire!

Reframe- Instead of thinking of “who am I to charge x,” ask yourself, who am I not to charge x amount of dollars. In reality, it all comes down to their self-worth in how you view their self-worth. Take some time to journal what makes you worthy of receiving x, and truly believe it whole-heartedly.

Struggle with pricing, limiting beliefs, why photographers struggle with pricing

2. Another photographer is charging less than I am

Another popular belief that holds photographers back from charging more is that they love to check out their competition. Photographers love to check how much a photographer is charging in their area, what they offer in their packages, all of the things. But what it all comes down to? A little thing I like to call comparisonitis.

Reframe– Remember in school when the teacher asked you to keep their eye on their own paper? The same applies to the photography world. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much the photographer next door is charging because their lifestyle could be a hundred times different than yours. How much money they need to bring into their household could be different than yours.

3. A potential client told me I’m too expensive

This limiting belief is the hardest concept for photographers to get over, especially in their business’s early stages. Phrases like “Oh, that’s too expensive” can feel unsettling. But luckily, it does get easier-here is how!

Reframe– Here’s the deal, no matter how many times you raise your prices, there will always be a client who will tell you how expensive you are. It’s inevitable. However, if you work on being strong in your self-worth, you’ll get to a point where it does not phase you. And that in itself is so freeing!

Struggle with pricing, limiting beliefs, why photographers struggle with pricing

4. Imposter syndrome

So imposter syndrome is when you get all nervous, and you feel like a fraud. Much like the first block, this is rooted in fear and not feeling worthy. Photographers tend to struggle with this a lot, especially if they are new at running their business. But the good thing is, is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Reframe– When it comes to imposter syndrome, it all comes back to the groundwork of believing just how worthy you are. Make it a daily habit to say the words, “I am enough and worthy,” until you get to the point where you actually believe what you are saying.

Struggle with pricing, limiting beliefs, why photographers struggle with pricing

5. The “what if” game

The “what if” game is when a photographer starts thinking of all possible reasons why something won’t work out. Questions like “what if no one books me at this price” and “what if someone says this about me because of my pricing” are two common questions I hear the most. Luckily though, here is what you need to know to reframe that mindset block.

Reframe- One exercise I love to do with my clients when this question comes up, is ask the opposite of what the “what if” question was. For instance, if the client says “What if no one books me” I ask, “what if everyone books you.” What it is doing is highlighting the limiting beliefs so that they are noticed and can reframe them in a more positive light.

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