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November 2020- Hultzman Family Recap


Check out this November 2020 Hultzman family recap on the blog!

Every month since moving to SC, our family has traveled and explored this state quite a bit. However, this November, we took a break because we are gearing up for an exciting family trip next month! To switch things up, I came up with a fun activity to try at home!

Since the Christmas tree was already put up, I thought it would be a fun idea to do Indoor Family Christmas photos in our new pajamas! Little did I know how difficult it would actually be!

Indoor Family Christmas Photos

To be honest, going into family Christmas photos, I was convinced these photos would be Pinterest worthy and easy to take! You know, those adorable families on Pinterest in their Christmas pajamas smiling at the camera, looking so effortless? Boy, was I wrong!

What I completely forgot is that those Pinterest photos had someone operating the camera to get the family to smile. I thought I could get my toddler to smile big for a camera that was sitting on a tripod. Instead, I got photos of a silly toddler climbing all over us and a dog who didn’t want to sit.

The moment after we were done taking photos, I felt completely defeated. But what I didn’t realize at that moment was that these photos would be some of my favorite photos ever taken. Not because of the “perfect lighting” or “perfect location” because, to be honest, it was one of the worst lighting situations yet.

The reason why I love these photos so much is that it as an accurate depiction of what goes on in our day to day life. Just all 3 of us being silly together, smiling big, and being in the moment. And of course, our dog Luna, just being Luna!

Ready to see the photos? Check them out below! Also, to see what happened behind the scenes, check out this Instagram Reel!

November Family Christmas Photos
November Family Christmas Photos
November Family Christmas Photos
Family Christmas Photos
Matching pajamas Christmas photos
Family Christmas Photos
November Christmas Photos

Reflection- The Thought for November

This might be a touchy subject to talk about for this month’s reflection, but it is something that needs to be said. Let’s talk about judgment.

For whatever reason, I have recently gotten a lot of flack and judgment from other people in my personal life. For instance, I posted about asking for prayers when my family member was extremely sick and was told to take the post down because “people will ask questions.” To getting laughed at by a former friend for putting my photography services out there on Facebook.

And I’m sure; if I’m experiencing judgment on some sort of level, then maybe you can relate too, whether that be in your current life or the past. If there is anything I’ve learned about judgment from being a mindset coach, it’s this.

You are going to be judged no matter what. Life could be going AMAZING for you right now and someone is going to judge you. You can be in a pit and everything is going wrong, and someone is going to judge you. If this November has reinforced anything, it would be that someone’s thoughts and opinions of you really don’t matter.

I know, I know, easier said than done. But when you live your truth and step into the person that you were born to be, it actually becomes a lot easier. You start to realize, that the only person’s opinions that matter are your own.

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Nov 29, 2020

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