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My Journey To Becoming A Self-Development Coach

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When you think of the word “self-development”, what do you think of?

Long before I had my daughter…

I remember being a teenager going into Barnes and Noble walking past the self-help section and laughed. “Wow, someone must have problems if you need a self-help book.”

I would’ve never guessed 10 years later that I would be obsessed with those same books.

How it all started…

To be quite frank, it all started with my daughter. When my daughter was a newborn, I struggled with postpartum depression. With the newness of being a mom and having a newborn, along with my husband being gone for training, plus my hormones regulating, I was a complete mess.

While he was at training, I made the best decision by seeing a therapist to talk about how I was feeling and to cry my heart out. From there, the therapist recommended me to a postpartum doula who checked up on me a couple times a week to make sure I was transitioning easier into being a new mom.

In July at one of her check-ups, my doula gifted me a book called, “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Bréne Brown. Although I have still yet to read it, my doula said to me, “Hun, what about if you listened to some podcasts?” “Oh, you mean that purple icon on my phone I can’t erase?” I said sarcastically. “Yes, listen to a couple of podcasts and let me know what you think of them our next check-up.”

Reluctantly, I listened to a few. And boy, was I glad I did.

That little bit of self-development…

One of the first podcasts I started listening to was the Goal Digger Podcast. Listening to Jenna’s advice for business and mindset gave me a new drive on life and re-ignited the passion I had for my photography business. Podcasts became part of my daily routine until my husband deployed a month before my daughter turned 1.

Two days before my husband deployed, we found out I was pregnant with my second baby. We were excited but really scared because in our eyes we were still really new at this whole parenting thing. Not to mention the baby would be born right around the time he would come home from deployment. However, the excitement didn’t last long. Shortly after he deployed, I miscarried.

In grieving, I thought about that book I was gifted by the doula and started looking into more self-development podcasts and books to listen to. I would’ve never guessed the love and new look on life I would get from listening and reading these books.

Which leads me to today…

Since pouring myself into self-development a couple of years ago, I have learned a ton along the way. From reframing mindset when it comes to your personal life and money, to busting limiting beliefs that hold you back.

As an entrepreneur, I noticed there is a direct correlation when it comes to working on yourself aka self-help, and kicking butt in your business! The more you work through what holds you back, the more money you make, and honestly, live a better life than you can ever imagine.

I am super excited to announce…

I will be launching my first ever podcast called “The Better Self Podcast” this November! On the podcast, we talk about all things mindset, growth, and motivation to help you become the better version of yourself! If you are a dreamer needing a swift kick in the butt to go after what you’ve always desired, this is the podcast for you!

I’m even more excited to announce that I will be coaching this November!! I am insanely passionate about helping small business owners, especially photographers, work through those limiting beliefs so that they can make more money and live a more fulfilled life!

If you are excited for the podcast, comment below!!

If you are interested in coaching, email me at for more information!

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