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For Mikaela and Josh, their love story began their sophomore year of college.

Mikaela and Josh’s love story began their sophomore year at Elmira College. Mikaela was studying to be a Spanish teacher, while Josh studied business and management. Although they had mutual friends with each other, they finally got to meet one another at the auditions for the college’s musical, “The Wedding Singer.” Shortly after meeting, Josh took Mikaela on their first date to get ice cream! It wasn’t long after, Mikaela and Josh started dating each other!

Mikaela and Josh are a very outdoorsy couple that have a mutual love for traveling the world. Together they have traveled to places like Spain, Cambodia, New Zealand, and South Korea. South Korea was one of their favorite trips because they got to take silly pictures at the North Tower and even put their own love lock on a bridge!

Fast forward a few years later

On November 10, 2017, Mikaela had just gotten home after a long week of teaching. Almost instantaneously, Mikaela noticed the orange, red, and yellow roses scattered around her. When her dog, Bailey, went to greet her, he had a big envelope that read, “Read Me” attached to his collar with a red ribbon tied around it. Inside the envelope was a poem written by Josh asking her to be his bride. Josh then came from around the corner went down on his knee, holding the ring. Mikaela said YES!

On July 27, 2019…

Surrounded by friends and family, Mikaela and Josh got married in true Colorado fashion under a teepee with the Rocky Mountains as their backdrop.

These two are more than just soulmates, they are truly a match made in heaven. I feel so honored to have photographed their wedding! Without further adieu, here is a sneak peek of Mikaela and Josh’s wedding! #foreverfilson

Wedding Dress- Amanda’s Bridal & Tux

Bridesmaid Dresses- David’s Bridal

Groom and Groomsmen Tuxedos- Men’s Wearhouse

Venue and Catering- Wild Horse Inn

Florist- Fairytale Floral

Hair- Cindy Thompson

Makeup- Jennifer Bach

Wedding Cheesecake- Safeway

First Dance Song- One Man Band by Old Dominion

Wild Horse Inn Fraser CO
Wedding Detail Shots Ring and Flowers
Wedding Dress Details
Bride Getting Ready

Bride Getting ready
Bride and Mom moment
Bridal Portraits
Bridal Portraits
Bridal Portraits

Groom getting ready photos
Groomsmen Photos
Bridesmaids First Look
Bridal party first look
Bride and bridesmaids
Bridesmaid Photos
Bride and bridesmaids
Dad waiting for daughter first look
wedding day first look with father
father daughter first look
first look with father
dad reaction to father daughter first look
father and daughter first look together
father daughter first look wedding
bride reaction to father daughter first look
reaction to father daughter first look
First Look bride and groom
First Look Bride and Groom
Mikaela and Josh reading Letter to each other
Mikaela and Josh First Look
Groom and Bride First Look

Colorado Teepee Wedding
Groom reaction to seeing bride
Colorado wedding ceremony
Wedding Ceremony
Ceremony Bride and Groom reactions
First Kiss Bride and groom
Bride and Groom with Dog
Mikaela and Josh Wedding
Bride and Groom Walking
Bride and Groom
Groom Leading Bride photos
Groom giving Bride daisy
Bride and Groom- Colorado
Bride and Groom Photos

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