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How To Honor A Passed Loved One In Your Wedding

Incorporating a lost loved one in your wedding“If heaven wasn’t so far away, we know that you would be here today”

While photographing the detail shots from Chris and Stephannie’s wedding, I walked up to a table full of past loved one’s photos. In one of those photos, was a picture of Dorothy and John, “Jack” Hultzman, my husband’s grandparents. In the picture, Dorothy and Jack were rushing out of the chapel, hand in hand, with the biggest smiles on their faces. They had just gotten married! Tears rolled down my eyes because I knew Dorothy would’ve been there if she could. She would’ve been dancing all night long, just like she had at our wedding.

I will be the first to admit…

This has to be one of the hardest articles I have ever written. Not because I’m not sure what to write about, I just reminisce a lot and am missing my grandparents that have passed. If you have had a loved one that has passed in the last few years or even recently, I am sending you the biggest hug ever and squeezing you so incredibly tight. I know that this isn’t easy, but I can tell you that it gets better.

Ok, now before I get any more emotional…

Here are some amazing ideas that you can use and incorporate in your wedding to honor your loved ones.

1. A table that honors your loved ones.

So from past experience, I’ve seen a couple of ways that this has been done. One example, of course, there is a table in the corner of pictures of loved ones who have passed, as mentioned above. Another way is to have a tiny table off on the side at the reception with a chair or 2, that had a rose or two, with a little note honoring that loved one(s).

2. A framed picture or something special that belonged to that loved one, on a chair at the ceremony.

When I went to a friend’s wedding, right in the front row, there was a chair that was left empty with a baseball cap that belonged to a sibling that had passed with his picture. That definitely had me choked up and a gentle reminder that their loved one truly was there in spirit.

3. Sew it in the wedding dress or tie (or put it in your hair!)

Here are a couple of ideas for you to choose from! At my brother in law’s wedding, my sister in law, Erica, used her husband’s grandmother (Dorothy’s) broach and put it in her hair for her wedding. Also, I’ve seen a lot of brides take a piece of fabric or handkerchief that belonged to a parent/grandparent sewn into the dress or the husband’s tie/bowtie!

Whichever idea you choose…

Please do me this one favor…

Have your wedding photographer photograph it!!!

Make sure that this is documented! This is a piece of your wedding day that needs to be photographed so that you can have it in your wedding album the rest of your life! I cannot stress this enough.

Anywho… without going on a tangent…

I really hoped you enjoyed this article! Hey, maybe you want to actually incorporate the ideas from this and use it for your wedding day! If you decide to use any of these ideas, can you do me a favor by commenting below? Or even shoot me an email at! I cannot wait to hear from you!


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