Have a long veil? You need these wedding photos | Asheville NC Wedding - Blog

Have a long veil? You need these wedding photos | Asheville NC Wedding

Imagine this. You are at the bridal shop and just found the dress of your dreams! A long-sleeved lace dress with an open back. The best part of the dress? The long train, of course!  When suddenly, there it is. A long veil that matches your dress, as if it was meant for your dress! You ask if you could try it on, and almost immediately, you start to bawl. Not only did you find the dress of your dreams, but the long veil of your dreams. You can already picture what it’ll look like walking down the aisle to meet the man of your dreams! Can you picture it?

As you walk to the register with your veil in hand, you wonder, what other pictures can I take with my long veil? Don’t worry friend, that is where I have you covered!

1. Under the Veil pose

This is probably one of my absolute photos to take! 

Not only because you get to utilize your long veil for an amazing photo op. But with this pose, you can feel the genuine connection and be in the moment with the love of your life. To stare in each other’s eyes, and take in the day that you have been waiting for since you were a little girl! Your wedding day!


2. The Swoosh Long Veil pose

Is there probably a different name to describe this pose? Probably!

But until I figure out the actual name of this pose, I will just name it the swoosh long veil pose! What I adore about his pose is that it looks like your veil is flowing in the wind! Pretty cool, huh? And a pretty awesome picture too!


3. The Mosquito Net

This is a Brianne Hultzman Photography original pose, and I call it the mosquito net!

So funny story about this pose. I was second shooting for Volna Imagery and was told to take a picture of the groomsmen with the bride. Of course, I took the shot with the bride in the middle with the groomsmen around her. But in the midst of that shot, I said, “Hey guys, I have an idea!” And that was the birth of the pose called the mosquito net! I told the groomsmen to get under the veil and said: “pretend you are mosquitos who just got caught in a net.” When I showed them the image, they all laughed and the bride agreed that is one of her favorite pictures we took all day! Creative, original, and good laugh for later down the road to show your grandchildren.

There you have it!

I really hope these photos truly sparked your imagination of what long veil wedding photos to take on your wedding day! If you loved this article, leave some love and comment below!

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