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Choosing A Location For Your Engagement Session


Finding a location for your engagement session is easy! Let me show you how!

Congratulations!! You are engaged! Now that you have found your dream wedding photographer, it is time to start planning for your engagement session!

If your photographer is local to the area, your photographer shouldn’t have a problem with coming up with a place to take pictures. However, if your photographer is not familiar to the area that you live or isn’t local, they might ask if you know of any locations to have an engagement session.

So to help you figure out where to have your engagement session, here are 3 tips for choosing a location for your engagement session!

1) Sentimental Value

Take a moment to think if there is a place where you and your soon-to-be spouse have a significant memory. Maybe it is in a park where you met! Heck, maybe it is even Target! Whatever that place may be, write it down and keep that place in mind when you are thinking about where to have your engagement session.

What to Expect- Engagement Session
Skylar and Ivy had their engagement session on the lake where she was proposed to!

2) Favorite Background

If you were imagining what your dream engagement session would look like, what would you see?

Would it be during the fall in front of the mountains where the leaves are changing? Is it on the lake around sunrise? Would it look sophisticated; downtown at a rooftop bar? Would it be at your local park when the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom?

Wherever that may be, imagine you and your soon-to-be spouse there and make sure to write it down so you can check it over with the photographer if it would be ideal to have your engagement session there!

Cheyenne Mountain Park Couples Session
Amber and Ashley had their session had the mountains in the background in honor of their first trip to Colorado Springs!

3) The Season

Depending on what season your engagement session is can determine whether or not you have an engagement session at a certain place.

For example, back home where I used to live, there is a seasonal road that is perfect for photos in the fall! However, I would not dare take any clients there in the winter or spring because it would be too snowy/slippery or muddy.

Elysia and Steven- Keuka Lake Engagement Session
Elysia and Steven had their engagement session on the lake in the summertime!

With all of this in mind, this should help when finding a location to take your engagement session!

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Aug 12, 2019

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