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Laid-Back Rustic Wedding | Brooke & Trey


When Brooke & Trey reached out about me photographing their rustic wedding, I was so over the moon excited! I have this special place in my heart for rustic weddings, especially for weddings with sunflowers because they are my favorite flower.

Anyways, fast forward to last year, I took Brooke & Trey’s engagement photos, which were super dreamy! To check those out for yourself, click the link right here!

Then dun, dun, dun, 2020 happened. *Cue the 2020 pandemic*

Let me start by saying, I give so many props to Brooke and Trey planning their wedding through this pandemic! I cannot imagine planning a wedding in 2020. So they are truly the MVPs!

Although they weren’t able to have a big wedding like they originally planned for, they chose to have an intimate, laid-back wedding with their closest family and a few friends! And it was SO NICE!

Surrounded by their loved ones, Brooke & Trey said, “I do,” overlooking a small lake at their family’s property!

Next year, Brooke & Trey plan on having their bigger wedding, and I am so excited to photograph it!

To see their laid-back rustic wedding, check out the photos below!

Also, feel free to leave some love for this beautiful couple in the comments below!

Laid-Back Rustic Sunflower Wedding, Detail Shot
Laid-Back Rustic Wedding, Wedding Shoes
Rustic Sunflower Wedding
Groom Getting Ready, Rustic Wedding
Groom Getting Ready, Rustic Wedding
Bride Getting Ready, Rustic Wedding
Bride Getting Ready, Wedding Shoes
Rustic Laid-Back Backyard Wedding
Laid-Back Backyard Wedding
Rustic Ceremony Wedding
Laid-Back Wedding Ceremony
Laid-Back Rustic Wedding Ceremony
Rustic Wedding Ceremony
Laid-Back Rustic Sunflower Wedding
Laid-Back Rustic Wedding
Sunflower Rustic Wedding
Laid-Back Backyard Wedding
Bride and Groom Dancing, Laid-Back Wedding
Laid-Back, Backyard Rustic Wedding
Laid-Back Rustic Wedding

Want more rustic wedding inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest for more inspiration for your perfect day!

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Sep 23, 2020

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