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The 3 Best Investments I Made In My Photography Business


When it comes to investing in your business, where do you even start?

Investing in your photography business can be one of the scariest things to do. Where do you start? How much should you spend?

Only you can determine how much you spend, but after being in business for nearly 4 years and making a lot of mistakes along the way, here are the 3 best investments you should consider for your photography business.

1. Education

If 2018 and 2019 had a theme for me, it would be growth. These past 2 years I completely gave it my all investing in education to becoming the best business owner that I could possibly be. I invested in 2 Retreats this year- The Newborn Retreat with Jenni Maroney, (if interested, make sure to tell her Brianne Hultzman sent you) and the Move Mountains Retreat with Laura Neff and Jordon Jones. Courses galore, listening to podcasts, mentoring sessions, hiring a mentor, the list goes on and on!

Now you might be wondering, “why though? Why so much education?” Well, to be honest, it showed me where the gaps are in my business. What I needed to work on, and what I could’ve done without. It helps expand your mind, and let go of limiting beliefs. This year was life-changing, and I can thank education for all of that.

The second best investment I made in my photography business was…

2. Buying my Full-Frame Camera

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say I was hella skeptical when it came to buying my first full-frame camera. Am I ready? What if I don’t know how to use it? Is it worth the investment?

Yes, yes to all of the above. After getting my full-frame (D750), I have been able to triple the number of bookings compared to when I was using my Nikon D5200. The focus and clarity I have with the camera make my heart sing! Also, when you put an 85mm lens on it, the bokeh is phenomenal!

Is it hard to learn? In the beginning, it was an adjustment learning manual. But just like driving, after a while, things became second nature.

Finally, the last, best investment I made for my photography business was…

3. External Hard Drive

Please, if you can’t afford any of the other two above, do yourself a favor and invest in an amazing external hard drive. After every session, I have a folder designated in my hard drive specifically for backing up images from the session. So heaven forbid I accidentally erase my images on my SD card, my images are backed up in my external hard drive.

The best of the best? I am definitely biased, but my LaCie Rugged 2TB hard drive has been the best investment by far. This thing is indestructible. Unlike my Passport external hard drive, it has given me no issues and no connectivity problems for my computer.

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Nov 21, 2019

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