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How I Deliver My Galleries- Wedding Photographer Columbia SC


Gallery delivery! One of the best parts of having your photos taken!

After the photos have been taken, and the images have been edited, the best part is receiving your final gallery!

But where exactly is this online gallery?

Such a great question!

When you book a session with me or a wedding, and it’s time to receive your photos, your photos will be delivered in a Pic-Time link!

Here are 3 things you should know about your Pic-Time Gallery!

1. Your gallery doesn’t expire!

Can I get an amen or a hallelujah?! This is one of the best features for Pic-Time because you get to have access to your photos whenever you want!

Not going to be able to check out your photos because you are taking a two-month-long honeymoon or sabbatical? That’s totally ok! You can check out your photos at your leisure!

Another great feature about Pic Time is…

2. You can have your photos printed and sent to you directly!

Dropshipping is truly the best thing since sliced bread! One of the best parts about Pic-Time is that you can order prints and have them directly sent to your house! Of course, if you want to order prints from me personally, you totally can! However, this gives you the ability to order your photos at any time so that you can print them at your leisure!

3. Easily Organized

This feature is especially great for weddings! One of the best parts of receiving your gallery is that photos are separated by scenes!

Do you want to know where a specific picture is that was taken at the reception? You can easily find the reception tab at the top of the page and it will directly take you to the photo(s) that you are looking for!

Gallery Delivery- Brianne Hultzman Photography

Are you still looking for your wedding photographer in Columbia Sc? Make sure to check out our availability!

Are you a photographer and looking to try Pic-Time out for yourself? Here is a month free on me!!!

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Oct 7, 2019

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