where to start?

Imagine being able to start your photography business without wondering what next step you should take? 
I totally understand how you feel. It feels like yesterday I was starting my photography business and had no idea where to even start .


But what if you didn't have to look far for the answers that you wanted?

I created this tools and resources page with you in mind. After 4 years of learning the ins and outs of the photography world. thousands of dollars spent in education, plus plenty of mistakes along the way, this page will help you navigate making your small photography business a success.

Complete transparency- some of these are affiliate links and I might receive a very small commission if you choose to purchase. However, I would never recommend something that I don't already use. 

I'm so excited for you to dive in!


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Mentoring and coaching

1 : 1 Clarity Session

Are you having a hard time figuring out what to do next in your business? You have all of these ideas but not sure where to start? If this sounds like you, you are totally in the right place! A 1:1 Clarity Session is an hour session where we will chat on Zoom and you can ask me anything. SERIOUSLY! Business related, mindset related, nothing is off limits. I will help you walk you through the steps to make your dreams and ideas a reality! 

Are you ready to take the leap and go after your dreams?