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5 Tips For Picking Outfits For Your Family Session


So you booked your family session!

You are so excited because this is the first time in a long time where you and your family are having professional photos taken. Then suddenly, it overwhelms you. You realize, oh my gosh, what do we even wear?!

Don’t worry friend, I’ve got you covered!

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when picking out your outfits for your family session!

1.Think of the location you would like your photos taken

Maybe you want your pictures taken by the lake you grew up on? Maybe at a barn on your family’s property or even a vineyard! Thinking of the location that you would like to take pictures is essential because certain colors mesh well compared to other colors.

For instance, if you wanted photos taken by the lake, pastel colors like light blue or light pink would look great with the water in the background! Pair it with denim jeans or khakis, you’ve got a classic beachy look for your photos!

2. Make sure to pick out mom’s outfit before anyone else!

Of all people, we want mom to feel the best and absolutely comfortable in her skin! For moms, I usually recommend a long flowy dress that is flattering and comfortable to wear! I highly recommend Lulus for super comfortable and cute dresses!

Color scheme-what to wear for a family session- Brianne Hultzman Photography

3.Pick a color scheme

What is your favorite color? What is a good color that looks great on the entire family? One recommendation I always tell my clients is to go on Pinterest and type in “summer color scheme” or “fall color schemes” to see which colors you are more drawn too!

From there, it is much easier to pick out outfits for the entire family! That of course, after mom’s outfit is picked out first! Also if you need ideas, I do have a Pinterest board linked with some cute ideas for outfits!

4. Say no to characters

Yes, your little one may love their Mickey Mouse shirt, but you might want to skip it for your family session. Much like patterns, characters can be very distracting in family photos!

5. Think complementary colors, and try not to go “matchy-matchy”

Remember way back when, when families would show up to a family session wearing the same white t-shirt and denim pants? Although that look was totally classic, it is highly encouraged to find clothes that compliment each other instead of being “matchy-matchy”.

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Jun 4, 2019

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