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Thank you so much for tuning into Episode 2 of the With Grace and Faith Podcast. On today’s episode, I will share part 1 of my New Age to Jesus testimony. Reminder- these are the brief show notes of the episode! To hear all of the juicy stories, listen make sure to listen to the episode above or wherever you listen to podcast episodes!

My beginning

Before I share my New Age to Jesus testimony, here is a little backstory about me! Growing up, I was the oddball out. I was bullied a lot and struggled to make friends until about 10th grade. Around 8 years old, I started getting into astrology and always had this fascination with the spirit world. Fast forward to when I was 18, I met the love of my life. A couple of years later, we got married before he deployed for the first time. While he was on deployment, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. After I graduated from college, he was back from deployment, and I moved to his first duty station, and we quickly got pregnant with our first child. 

Turning Point

After having my daughter, I quickly spiraled into postpartum depression, where things got really dark. After seeking out a therapist and being seen by a postpartum doula, it took a long time, but I started feeling normal again. To cope with depression, I poured myself into self-help podcasts. In January 2018, I met my first business coach, who also dabbled in psychic readings. I started getting psychic readings from her and other psychics from there on out. 

bible verses

And so it began

I was amazed at how much the oracle readings were accurate. She would tell me so much about myself, and she would be right about what came up. These were things that only I and my family I would know. I later joined her spiritual membership and then left just before I got saved out of New Age. From then on, I started going to psychics and many of them. I wanted to know my future and connect with my deceased loved ones. Now I know those psychics weren’t talking to family members; they were talking to demons. 

The rabbit hole

Then I got super sucked into New Age Spirituality. First, it started with meditation. I had this unquenchable thirst to learn more about the spirit world. Right around that time, I learned about the law of attraction and was getting the absolute best parking spots at Target. I manifested SOOO much material stuff. Then I started getting into witchcraft, doing full moon and new moon rituals with my crystals to “charge.” I saw angel numbers everywhere and thought angels were talking to me. During that time, I did multiple energy healings to heal my “chakras.” During mediation, I would astral project and have crazy out-of-body experiences.

Needless to say, I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on psychic readings, crystals, New Age books, tarot cards, and oracle cards, to later be thrown out. For fun, instead of having a hobby, I would read tarot cards and oracle cards for my friends, which now I have since repented for doing all of those things. Spirituality gave me small dopamine hits that left me craving more and more and more.

At my rock bottom, Jesus revealed himself.

While taking my daughter to school, I had a huge breakdown in the car. And for the first time ever, I cried out to God.

I asked him for a sign (which now I know not to do, but at that time, I didn’t know) 2 minutes later, a minivan pulled up next to me with a whale sticker on the back with Jeremiah 29:11. At that moment, I was shocked because it was the first time someone was actually listening to me. From that moment, I wanted to know more about God and what he was all about. I started going on walks and listening to worship music and was overwhelmed by how beautiful the songs were, and you could hear the love of the Lord in the music. In Mid-December- I asked God a question; if essentially it was okay to mix New Age Spirituality with Christianity. 

On January 1st, 2022, I got my answer.

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