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3 Things To Remember When You Disagree With Someone


In this article, we will go over 3 things to remember whenever you disagree with someone.

Disagreeing with a person can be one of the hardest things, especially with someone you love. You could have all sorts of evidence to prove that you are right and may find yourself having an inner struggle when someone tells you that you are wrong. Before you know it, you might end up in a major argument.

Can you relate?

I know I can.

Personally, with the latest election, I certainly had my differences with other people. But it wasn’t until I had a “come to Jesus” moment that I put my differences aside so I can live my life happily.

You might be wondering, well, how did you do it?

Well, I’ll tell you! In this article, we will go over the three things to remember when you disagree with a person. Let’s get started!

3 tips for disagreements

1. You don’t know what that person has experienced/ is experiencing

Do you remember growing up the saying, “you never know what a person is going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes?” The same rules definitely apply when you are in a disagreement with a person. Even if you think you know everything that person has gone through or has done, you never truly know or understand their perspective because you haven’t experienced what they have gone through first hand.

Here is an example. My siblings and I grew up in the same household, yet we had completely different experiences. So when we do have our disagreements, one thing that is thrown around is, “well, how would you know? You don’t understand what I’ve been through.”

In those moments when I’m disagreeing, I take a step back and say, “You are right; I don’t know. How can I better understand where you are coming from?” This is an example of opening your heart and your ears.

Even when you disagree, recognizing that you don’t know what that person has experienced offers an opportunity to gain a different perspective from where they are coming from.

2. Does their opinion really matter?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “consider the source?” Once again, the same rules apply when you are in a disagreement. This can be especially hard if you have many facts that back you up, but another person is strong in their belief system.

Some people may say, “oh well, let’s agree to disagree.” Although that might sound nice, that saying usually leaves a sour impression on the person you disagree with.

When you realize that the conversation isn’t really going anywhere and they do not see your side, a better way to approach this is by shaking your head up and down and telling the person you disagree with “okay.”

By doing so, it respectively closes the conversation so that both you and the person you disagree with to move on and talk about something else.

***Tip- Do not say “okay” with an attitude. Say it in a respectful tone; that way, you are not coming off as passive-aggressive.***

Last but not least, here is the last thing that you need to remember!

What to remember when you disagree

3. Let it go, let it go!

**Cue Elsa singing “Let it go” from Frozen!**

Here’s the deal, friend. Much like a phone has a certain percentage of battery, the same goes for you. You only have so much energy that you can give throughout the day. The best thing to do is find a healthy outlet to let things go!

One thing I recommend is investing in a journal. Whether that be a composition notebook that you would get at Target or a fancy journal, journals are a great way to write how you feel and let go of things that are on your mind. Not sure what to write? Start with journaling prompts!

**If you are struggling with limiting beliefs in your life/business, make sure to grab my journaling prompts and affirmations freebie below!***

Another great option is to find yourself a therapist/ mentor/ mindset coach/ or life coach. They have the experience to guide you and let you know how you could reframe your thought patterns and help you let go of what no longer serves you.

What to remember when you disagree

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Hopefully these three things to remember has helped you reframe your thoughts when you are in a disagreement. If you enjoyed this article, you might enjoy…

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Jan 21, 2021

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