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5 Essential Wedding Detail Shots for Bride and Groom


It is the day before your wedding…

And you are packing up all of the last-minute items to bring to the venue. But before you head off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, it is important to grab your wedding day details that you want to be photographed for your special day!

What kind of details should I pack?

Great question! For the bride, here are some examples of things you should pack for your detail shots…

For the bride…

1. Invitation Suite (Stationery)

Did you send really pretty invitations to guests? Do the invitations match the theme of your wedding? I encourage all of my brides to bring an extra invitation suite to be photographed as one of their detail shots!

2. Wedding Rings (All 3 of them)

There are so many different combinations of photos that your photographer can get with your wedding rings! So make sure that you have your rings, and his wedding band, available!

3. Wedding Shoes

Wearing some stellar high heels for your big day? Make sure to add your them to list of details that you want to be photographed!

4. Flowers

This one, in particular, is an essential detail that needs to be photographed for your wedding day! Floral photos are not only beautiful, but the photographer can also get creative and add the wedding rings inside of one of the flowers!

5. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Is their an item from the wedding that you are incorporating, like your grandmothers broach? Or maybe even a grandfather’s handkerchief? You will want to make sure that detail is photographed so that you will have a photo to look back on it forever.


Want to spice things up a little for your wedding day? Why not have a picture of the perfume that you are wearing! Are you wearing a special perfume that your soon-to-be husband has never smelled before? This might be a great time to break it out and get a detail shot of it for your big day!

Wedding Detail Shots Ring and Flowers
Something borrowed
Girls Day Styled Shoot

Now for the groom…

Just like the bride, it is just as essential to have detail shots for the groom! Most of these items, the groom will already be wearing. However, it is just as important to make sure that your photographer gets these detail shots.

1. Groom shoes

The groom’s shoes are only the essential detail shots your photographer needs to photograph for your big day. The detail shot is paired great with a bow tie, cuff links, so on and so forth.

Speaking of a bow tie, number 2 is…

2. Bow tie / Tie

Is the groom wearing a fun colored or simple bow tie or tie? Make sure that it is added to a detail photo!

3. Cufflinks

Much like a bow tie, cufflinks are great to photograph with the detail shot. Bonus points if the cufflinks are personalized! If that is the case, definitely make sure they are photographed!

4. Boutonniere

Boutonnieres are a nice touch to a great detail shot! It ties in perfectly with the rest of the details like the cufflinks and bow tie.

5. Cologne

Much like the perfume, a photo of the men’s cologne is great because if the groom is trying out a new perfume for the wedding, it adds a nice touch to the detail shot!


One of the coolest wedding trends floating around is funky socks! Funky socks are really fun to photograph with the Groom’s shoes!

Wedding Groom Shoes
Groom Detail Shots

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