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The Real Reason Why I Moved To Colorado

Colorado- the real reason why i moved here

I never had an interest in moving to Colorado.

Yes, you read that right. My entire life, I had no interest to ever moving to the state I love most, Colorado. Growing up in Western, NY, I convinced myself I would never leave its beautiful rolling hills. That was until I met my husband. Back when he was still my boyfriend and we were in my sophomore year of college, he told me, “I quit college and I’m joining the Army.” I was DEVASTATED. However, little did I know, just how my life has transformed since my husband joining the military.

I discovered traveling…

The first destination was to Louisiana, my husband’s first duty station. Fort Polk. Some call it the armpit of the Army, I call it absolutely fascinating. When we lived in Louisiana, it was a complete culture shock. It was in Louisiana, I found a love for bbq, crawfish, and expanded my love for photography. On weekends, we used to love going to Toledo Bend to go fishing while the alligators swam underneath our canoe. Occasionally we would drive the 4 hours to Houston for the day and discover what Texas had to offer. Eight months into being at Fort Polk, my husband re-enlisted again for Fort Carson, Colorado. The state I had no interest in living in, that was until I moved here.

I’ve seen mountains but…

Never in my life experienced the Colorado Rocky Mountains. As my plane landed in Denver, the song “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver played in my head over and over the entire drive to Colorado Springs. From that moment, I never wanted to leave. You have not lived until you see the Rocky Mountains! I’ve always appreciated nature, but Colorado’s Rocky Mountains take it to a whole new level. No picture will ever do it justice, no matter how many pictures I take.

While you are out here visiting Colorado,

More specifically Colorado Springs, here are a few recommendations of places to check out on your visit!

  1. Garden of the Gods- Garden of the Gods is a huge tourist attraction, but still one of the prettiest places in Colorado Springs! There are so many places you are able to hike! Just remember to stay on the trails! There is a ton of cactus and quite a bit of rattlesnakes! Click here for an example!
  2. Cheyenne Mountain State Park– There is a $7 admission fee to get in, but there is awesome hiking around. Plus the views from the top by the amphitheater make awesome pictures when you get your photos taken! Click here for an example!
  3. Ute Valley- Ok, if you haven’t figured out already, there is a ton of hiking places around Colorado Springs! But the views, even when you enter from Ute Valley, is insane! You guessed it, click here to see the awesome views!
  4. Manitou Incline- Can you say, workout?! Holy smokes. Manitou Incline is made for those who are up for the challenge. Get ready to go up 2,744 steps! Incase you are wondering, this incline is higher than the Empire State Building! It’s a workout, but the trail down the steps makes it completely worth it!
  5. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo- Not as much hiking, but is so much fun!!! On top of a mountain, you can feed giraffes, feed a rhino or elephant, visit the chimpanzees and so much more! Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is perfect for adults and children!

Are you convinced to go to Colorado Springs? 

If you are, there is only one thing that would make your experience better. Can you guess it?

Getting your photos taken by me! Brianne Hultzman Photography!

I know you are interested, so just go ahead and click right here so we can set up your session ASAP!

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