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How To Set A Budget For Your Wedding Day


Not sure how to set up a budget for your wedding day? You are going to want to read this!

Part 1 of the Budget Bridal Series has everything to do with how to set a budget for your wedding day!

As a former budget bride myself, plus helping many brides with their wedding days, I have a pretty good idea of setting a budget and working with your budget!

The first step to figuring out your budget is to write down…

1. What do you value the most

What do you value most on your wedding day? Is it the venue you have been dreaming of getting married at since you were a little girl? Is it your dream wedding dress you saw on Say Yes To The Dress and you’ve had pinned on your Pinterest the last 3 years?

For #BHPBrides, a majority of our brides value their venue, photographer, and the wedding dress the most. So when it’s time to plan their wedding, they base their budget on those three things that matter most to them!

Once you have written down what you value the most, the next step is to figure out…

2. What is the max. amount you’ll spend

After you write down what you value most, write down the number that you would spend the most on your wedding day.

For instance, let’s say the max amount you would spend on your wedding is $15,000. From there, you can determine how much you’ll spend on what you value most.

Here’s an example; let’s say the venue you want costs $6000 which includes food and your budget is $15000. From there, you can set aside $6000 that you will spend for the venue, so you would have $9,000 left. I recommend doing this for each of the top 3 things you value the most for your wedding day!

Once you decide what the most is you’ll spend on your wedding, you’ll be able to figure out…

3. All of the costs for your wedding day

There are so many different costs that come with planning your wedding day. But just to get an idea, here are some costs you might want to consider when planning your budget for your wedding day!

Some costs you need to consider for your wedding day include a Hair & Makeup Artist, Officiant, Transportation for Bridal Party, Catering, Centerpieces, Florals, Rehearsal Dinner, Videographer, etc. For a little more in-depth wedding checklist to reference, check out the image below of our wedding day checklist!

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Jun 3, 2020

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