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Where To Buy Bridesmaid Dresses | Columbia SC Weddings


Real talk- I actually have notes on my phone with some of the best bridesmaids dresses to buy. Are you ready?!

Let’s talk bridesmaid dresses!

One of the questions that many of my my BHPBrides ask me is, “Where are some places to get bridesmaids dresses online?”

Don’t you worry, friend! I’ve gotcha’ covered! Let’s get started!

Here are some of my favorite websites (in no particular order) where to buy bridesmaid dresses from!


Every time I go on to their website, I seriously cannot get enough of their dresses. BHLDN dresses have a timeless and classic look to them. These dresses are perfect for very elegant weddings! Not to mention, the quality is great! Totally, totally recommend BHLDN!

2. Kennedy Blue

Kennedy Blue summed up in two words is high quality and relatively affordable. Not only are their dresses adorable, but you have the option to try on 3 of the dresses ($10 a dress) and they will send it to your home! If you love it, you buy the dress! If you don’t, you can send it back and go on your merry way!

3. Birdy Grey

Honestly, I should have just named Birdy Grey number one because I love it so much. Birdy Grey specializes in bridesmaid dresses! The colors of their dresses are so fun and from past bridesmaids, I’ve heard many times that the dresses are super comfortable! And the best part? All of their dresses are under $100! Win-win!

4. Azazie

I will be the first to raise my hand hella high and say that Azazie has the most amount of colors I have ever seen for bridesmaid dresses. The options for colors are seriously endless. I’ve heard a lot of awesome reviews from past bridesmaids that the dresses are fairly comfy and definitely more budget-friendly!

5. Morning Lavender

Last but not least, Morning Lavender bridesmaid dresses. So here is the deal, from what I’ve seen, they don’t have many bridesmaid dresses compared to the others that I’ve mentioned above. However, these dresses are BEAUTIFUL! And I can attest that their dresses are comfortable so you can shake your booty the entire reception!

Bridesmaids First Look

Honorable Mentions

Are there more places to get bridesmaid dresses? Absolutely! Some of the dress places I have not mentioned but are worth noting include; Morilee, Lulus, ASOS, Etsy, and of course, David’s Bridal!

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