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Bride in a Black Wedding Dress | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

Have you ever met someone…

And knew instantaneously you were going to be friends? That is exactly what happened when I met my new friend Alyssa. We met this past Thanksgiving at their “Friends-giving” they were having at their house. We chatted a bit and when we brought up her wedding I asked, “Ooh can I see a picture of your wedding dress?!” When she showed me her wedding dress, I was in pure amazement because I have never seen a black wedding dress before!  I told her, “you HAVE to let me photograph you in your black wedding dress!” And just like that, she was totally up to it and we set a date to do a bridal session at sunrise.

The morning of the shoot, it was freezing. It was 30 degrees outside with a slight wind in the air. It had snowed during the night so there was still a little bit of snow on the ground. Although it was bone-chilling cold outside, she handled the cold weather like a champ! Alyssa is truly a stunning bride, and completely ROCKED her session! Check it out!

Dress- IEIE Bridal

Shoes- Converse

Location- Cheyenne Mountain State Park

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