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3 Examples Of Boundaries Creative Entrepreneurs Can Use Today


Are you a creative entrepreneur that struggles with boundaries? Here are three examples of boundaries that you can use today!

Whether you are first starting in business or 5-10 years in, setting boundaries in your business is a complete game changer!


When you are setting boundaries with others, you are clear about your expectations, limits, and how you want to be treated by others.

If you are new at setting boundaries, here are three examples of boundaries you can start to use today in your life/ business!

how to set boundaries

1. Setting Work Hours

This might seem like the most obvious/ not so obvious boundary, but certainly is one that needs to be set. This is even more applicable for anyone who works at home!

When you set work hours for when you want/ willing to work, you set the expectation for others around you to know when/how to get ahold of you.

For any work-from-home mamas, setting definitive work hours can let your family know that this is the time that you cannot be disturbed and to get your work done during that time.

Setting work hours is also a fantastic boundary to set with your clients/ potential clients. When your clients are aware of what time you work, you don’t feel the need to respond immediately, especially during family time.

In my email workflow and signature, I make sure to add my office hours so that others know what time I’m available to chat with them.

2. Do Not Disturb mode

Another great boundary to have, is utilizing the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone.

When you have your phone on Do Not Disturb mode, you have the freedom of not being distracted by notifications on your phone or have unwanted phone calls.

Let’s say you are worried that you will miss a call from your loved one. In that case, I recommend you add them to your favorites list on your phone. That way, when they do call about something important, they are not sent to voicemail, and you can hear from them right away!

3 ways to set boundaries today

3. No means no, not maybe

This is one of my favorite boundaries to use with others!

When you make your message clear that no means no, it allows you the freedom to do something else.

On that note, no doesn’t mean maybe. Often, people feel guilty telling others no because they don’t want to upset the asking person. So instead of saying no, they say maybe.

By saying no, instead of maybe, you are firm about your limits, what you want, and/or desire.

One exercise I love to tell my clients is to use the heck yes heck no method. If something feels off, even in the slightest, it’s a heck no. Even if you are nervous, if something feels exciting, it’s a heck yes.

If you struggle with boundaries…

One thing I recommend to many of my clients is to journal about boundaries. Start with prompts like, “Why do I struggle with boundaries? Is there a role model I looked up to growing up who also struggled with boundaries?” Don’t be afraid to go deep.

If you are new to journaling, click the link here to grab my free e-book “From Limiting Beliefs To Unlimited Abundance- Journaling Prompts and Affirmations. In the e-book, we go over 5 common limiting beliefs, journaling prompts to work through them, and affirmations!

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3 ways to set boundaries in your biz today
How to set boundaries 101

Feb 5, 2021

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