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Best Places To Photograph in Colorado Springs

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Here are the best places to photograph in Colorado Springs. This article is dedicated to all of the new (and experienced) photographers in Colorado Springs looking for locations to shoot at!

Once upon a time a couple of years ago, I started my photography business in good ole’ Colorado Springs! As a newbie, one of my favorite things to do was to scout out new locations! Since living here on and off a couple of years, here are 5 of the best places that I like to photograph in Colorado Springs!

5. The Broadmoor area

Right off of Lake Ave in Colorado Springs is the famous Broadmoor hotel. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous! But the areas nearby? Breathtaking. If you are looking into changing the scenery (yes, I mean no mountains) when taking photos, I highly recommend scouting locations near the Broadmoor area! Just make sure you are not trespassing!

Color scheme-what to wear for a family session- Brianne Hultzman Photography
Color scheme-what to wear for a family session- Brianne Hultzman Photography

4. Garden of the Gods- High point

I’m not going to lie, this area, in particular, can be VERY saturated with photographers and tourists. However, Garden of the Gods at High point is a favorite because you can pose couples/ families on a rock with the snowy Pikes Peak in the background! My recommendation is to go there and get a good spot before it’s taken!

3. Palmer Park

Palmer Park can be saturated with photographers’ sometimes, but it is such a pretty place to take pictures at! There are a lot of different sections of the park where you can photograph at, however, my favorite is at the top. At the top of Palmer Park, there is a beautiful view of Pikes Peak with nature completely surrounding you. Golden hour is the perfect time to go because the sunset looks phenomenal when it’s going behind the peak of the mountains!

2. Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Across the street from Fort Carson is one of my absolute favorite places to photograph, Cheyenne Mountain State Park! This park has spectacular views of Cheyenne Mountain in the background. Although there is a $7 admission fee, I totally recommend that you get the yearly pass! (Especially if you are anything like me and shoot there often!)

Cheyenne Mountain Park Couples Session
Cheyenne Mountain Park Couples Session- Brianne Hultzman Photography

1. Ute Valley Park

Ute Valley Park is one of my favorite parks of all time. (Of course, when rattlesnakes aren’t out!) A golden field with the prettiest of mountains in the background! This location screams Colorado vibes. At sunset, the sun peeks behind the mountains, giving off the beautiful yellow/orange glow. You need to check out these photos for yourself!

When it is seriously snowing outside, although the mountains are hard to find, Ute Valley can be just as dreamy!


Honorable mentions! Here are some other locations to consider having a photoshoot at if you aren’t really feeling the 5 mentioned above.

Helen Hunt Falls (Just don’t go in the water, it’s illegal!), Stratton Open Space, Fountain Creek Regional Park, Downtown CO Springs, Austin Bluffs Open Space, Bear Creek Regional Park, Manitou Springs.

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