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The Best Investment I Made In My Photography Business


Want to know one of the best investments I made in my photography business?

When I first started my business…

I wasted so much time (and paper) having clients sign contracts and then using Square to have them pay their invoice. It was straight up, EXHAUSTING!

Well, until I found Honeybook!

Honeybook is a client management software created for small business owners like photographers. Not only has it been a total lifesaver, but it saves so much TIME!

In case you have never heard of it, or even heard of Honeybook, here are 3 reasons why you need it for your photography business!

the best investment I made in my photography business

1. Everything is in one place

The number one reason why Honeybook is the best investment for your photography business is that everything is in one place. Gone are the days using 10 different platforms to get one job done.

In Honeybook, you are able to manage clients, send invoices, contracts, and brochures. Their newest feature is that you are able to schedule meetings in Honeybook. You can batch emails, and create email templates. Gosh, the options just seem to be endless!

As if that wasn’t amazing, another reason why Honeybook has been the best investment is that it includes…

2. Bookkeeping

Ok, so you might be wondering, why is the bookkeeping part so cool? Well, friend, let me explain.

Not only does it integrate with Quickbooks, but it tells you when the amount of money you just received will be deposited in your bank account! That way you know when money is being deposited to pay for bills- which is just awesome!

As if you are not already convinced, the last reason why it is has been the best investment is that it is…

3. A Huge Time Saver

Before Honeybook was in the picture, I used to spend hours just managing each client. With Honeybook, I am able to have each client in their own workflow.

This is especially awesome for my brides. From inquiry to the wedding day to the delivery of their wedding album, each bride is being guided along in an email workflow. This workflow consists of tips and tricks for the bride leading up to her wedding day!

The best part? Since it is a workflow, everything is automated! In other words, the emails are being sent out by itself while I’m relaxing and brides are getting an amazing client experience!

In case you are still on the fence of whether or not you want to get Honeybook, here is a bonus reason why you should!

Bonus: Cha-ching!

One of my favorite features has to do with its online app! Whenever a client makes a payment, you’ll hear a “cha-ching” sound come over your phone! Even better, when you open up the message on your phone, there is a picture of raining money along with how much money you just received! Each time it brings a huge smile to my face and an instant dopamine hit!

Want to know one of the best bonuses?!

Extra Bonus: I have a discount just for you!

I have teamed up with Honeybook so that you can experience just how awesome it is! To see how amazing this client management system is for yourself, click on the link HERE for half-off your first year of Honeybook! They also have a 7-day free trial for you to try too!

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Apr 29, 2020

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