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3 Ways To Ease Awkwardness At A Photoshoot


It can be pretty awkward when you first meet your clients at a shoot! Here are 3 ways to ease the awkwardness!

When you are first starting out in photography…

One thing that many people don’t tell you is how awkward it can be when you first meet your client! What do you say? What do you ask? Do you ask anything at all? 

Trust me, friend. Been there, have totally done all that. From the awkward silence to not knowing if I said too much, I’ve experienced it all.

All the more reason why I wrote this blog post especially for you to ease the awkwardness at the beginning of the shoot! Here are 3 ways how to!

3 ways to ease awkwardness at a photo shoot

1) Ask about them!

After you have said your “Hey, how are you? My name is X” and they introduce themselves, it’s important to ask all about them! A great time to do this is when you are walking to the location of your shoot.

Ice breaker questions are awesome! An example of a couples session would be, “How did you two meet? Are you from this area?” For a family session, an example would be, “Awww, what is their name? How old is he/she?” 

By doing this also, it is setting a tone for what the rest of the day will bring at the shoot. So get ready to ask a ton of questions about your clients!

PRO-TIP: If you tend to forget names easily, don’t be afraid to say their names out loud and repeat it. Don’t worry, it’s not going to look stupid. It even shows how you are intentional about remembering their names. And if there is one thing a person loves, is the sound of their own name being called!

2) Mention your process before you snap a picture

If there is still some awkward silence after the icebreaker, when you are walking to the location, tell them how excited you are to work with them and do a brief overview of your process. For instance, if you like posing your clients instead of more lifestyle, let them know that.

An example of what I say is, “I am so excited to work with you, I’ve been really looking forward to it! One thing you should probably know about me before we get started is that poses are my jam. I will walk you through prompts and poses to make sure your photography experience is fun and as seamless/ stress-free as possible!”

PRO-TIP: After the session, make sure to clearly communicate with your client what to expect after the session! From how long it takes to receive their gallery, ordering prints, etc.

3) Ask if there are any pictures or poses they want to be captured

This one is a hit or miss, but you wouldn’t believe how many people whip out their photos and show you all of the pictures they have pinned on Pinterest!

You can ask this question to the beginning or at the very end of the shoot, whichever you feel comfortable with! That way the client is satisfied with their session overall and not feel any awkwardness. 

If you need help with ideas for your business or photography tips and tricks, make sure to check out our clarity sessions!

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Apr 11, 2020

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