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3 Reasons Why You Need An 85mm Lens


85mm lens- Have you considered buying one? Here are three reasons why you need one!

Have you ever been on Facebook, scrolling in a photographer group, and see a beautiful portrait with the background blurry? Chances are, the reason why that person’s photo has a blurry background is that they were using a prime lens!

What is a prime lens?

A prime lens is a lens that has a fixed focal length. Unlike the 70-200mm lens, a prime lens does not zoom in or out. Also, with a prime lens, the glass allows in more light, and the aperture can go as low as 1.2 or 1.4, depending on the lens you get!

So why do I need one?

Now, to be completely honest. Next to a 50mm lens, one of my favorite lens that I like to use is an 85mm.

Here are three reasons why you should have an 85 millimeter and add that to your collection of lenses!

1. Dreamy and creamy!

As I mentioned above, what’s fantastic about the 85mm lens is that it creates a blurry background. But even better, these lenses produce the prettiest, dreamy, and creamy photos! The 85mm is so ideal for portrait photographers!

When you take your 85mm lens to photo shoots you, since it has a fixed focal length, the glass can allow more light in the camera! For a light and airy photographer, I recommend keeping your aperture around f2.5 and below. With the blurry background, it’s an excellent opportunity to have your subject front and center!

2. Versatile

One of the main reasons I bought, and you should invest in an 85mm lens, is just how versatile this lens is! You can use this lens ANYWHERE! Whether you are at a wedding, traveling the world, at a portrait session, or even landscape, you can use it anywhere! Other than portrait sessions, I tend to use the 85mm during the Mr. And Mrs. photos at weddings!

Last but not least, the third reason why you need an 85mm lens is…

3. Not Bulky

This one is huge, especially if you are traveling! What is fantastic about the 85mm lens is that it’s not heavy or bulky. Of course, it is heavier than the 50mm lens, but nowhere near as heavy as a zoom lens. And that all in itself is great, especially when you are traveling and on the go.

But what about a 50mm lens?

Since writing this blog post, I’ve had a lot of questions regarding if they should get a 50mm lens first or an 85mm. Complete transparency, 50mm first, and 85mm second- depending on what niche of photography you are in.

A 50mm lens is a go-to lens. The 50mm stays on my camera the entire time I shoot a wedding! However, I keep my 85mm when I’m at a portrait session, or during portraits during the Mr. & Mrs. photos!

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