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There is no doubt that if you were to ever meet me in person or as your photographer at your session, you would notice immediately that I’m very outgoing and have an obsession for popcorn. However as outgoing, as I am, very few people know about who exactly I am other than the fun and bubbly, popcorn-loving, photographer. So in honor of #FridayIntroductions (as they would say on Instagram), here are 5 things that you may (or may not) know about me!

1) I never used to be this outgoing

In fact, a majority of my life, I was really shy. When I would be called in class to answer a question, my face would turn bright red and I would hide like a turtle going back in its shell. It wasn’t until my middle school years, I took dance classes at Miss Lisa’s Artistry of Dance and completely busted out of my shell. It was in dance class, I gained an extreme amount of confidence in myself. One day in ballet, my teacher Miss Lisa yelled at me in the middle of class during the song, and said “Brianne, stop looking down and look up!!” (Because I used to hang my head down low while dancing) and my life has never been the same! Just by her saying to look up, that was the turning point and made sure that everything action I took, whether that be in ballet or life decisions, I would hold my head high and be confident.

2) I love meditating

If only you knew! If you haven’t meditated before, I totally recommend doing it. Quick story, Lauren Dragon Cook of the Rooted Connection is my business coach. She helps creatives and entrepreneurs help use their intuition to navigate through big decisions and well, your life in general! Back when I first started working with her, she would tell me to meditate on it and think about it. And I am SO GLAD I’ve listened to her! By doing so, I’ve been able to tap into my intuition during these meditative states and have creative ideas just flow to me! Not to mention, afterward you are so incredibly relaxed and feel like you can take on ANYTHING! Call me crazy, but I totally recommend it! If you want to get started, I recommend Headspace where it walks you through guided meditations until you get the hang of it! (Oh yeah, and it’s free!)

3) I’m very close to my extended family

Both of my parents come from very large families, especially my dad. But what is awesome about that, is that I am really close to my aunts, uncles, and cousins! The Dean side (my dad’s side of the family), they are all so fun and have the best sense of humor (literally, all of them.) And the best part? All of the Deans are very close, and its as if your 25+ cousins feel like brothers and sisters and we are all so extremely supportive of one another. It’s the same way with my mom’s side of the family too! Every day, I feel so blessed to be apart of a loving family, (and extended family) that love unconditionally and make you laugh until you cry.

4) I love to travel but loathe airplanes

Travelling is seriously the best part of photography because you get to experience different cultures and get to check out places you’ve never been to before. But on that note, I’m not good with airplanes. Don’t get me wrong, they are super convenient! There is nothing better than getting somewhere in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. On the other hand, it took 1 airplane ride to Colorado a few years ago that has caused me to have a panic attack every time before I get on a plane and in the air. Every time. Not once in a blue moon, every time. If anyone has some tips to help get rid of my irrational fear of planes, please email me because I am totally willing and ready to get over that fear.

5)  I have a Bachelor Degree in PR

Yes, it is true. I earned my bachelor’s degree in May of 2016 in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. I convinced myself that I was going to be the next Samantha from Sex and the City (which by the way, is far from the truth.) Even though I don’t formally do Public Relations as my job title, it has helped me a lot in my business and helping it grow!

Well, there you have it!

Those are the 5 things you may (or may not) know about me! Can we relate? Do we have anything in common with each other? Drop it in the comments below! I would absolutely love to know!

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