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10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer


You’ve finally found some potential candidates that you may want to hire as your wedding photographer for your special day! You set up a consultation to interview the photographer, but have no idea what to ask.

Let’s face it; it can be awkward interviewing a possible photographer you want to photograph your wedding! You are spending a significant amount of money on your photographer and want to have total trust in them!

I totally get that! So! To make things less awkward, here is a list of

1. Tell me about yourself!

This is what I call an icebreaker. Chances are when you hop on the call with a wedding photographer, they will ask about your wedding day and vision for your perfect day! If you don’t feel a connection or just feel awkward and not sure what question to ask first, ask this question and see if you vibe with their answer!

2. How many hours do you recommend for wedding day coverage?

This question is a great indicator of how much experience the photographer has. Based on the size of your wedding and how fast they move through taking photos of a wedding, will be a good sign if you should hire them!

3. How long have you photographed weddings?

Another great question to see how experienced they are! A follow-up question to this question would be “How many weddings have you photographed and which was your favorite?

4. Are engagement sessions included in your wedding collections?

Some photographers like myself include engagement sessions with the wedding collections. However, some photographers don’t include an engagement session and have it as an a la carte option. There is no “right answer” for this question, it all depends on preference for you!

5. Do you have a sample gallery of a wedding you photographed?

If you ask for a sample gallery of a wedding, chances are, they will give you one. However, in case they don’t or give you a small sample gallery, don’t be alarmed. This is just to keep the privacy of their clients.

6. What happens if you are sick on my wedding day?

Heaven forbid your wedding photographer is sick, they should be able to find someone to photograph your wedding, like another photographer or an associate. If not, they should have precautionary measures in place. More information about that would be located in the contract.

7. What is your turnaround time for wedding photos?

Does your photographer deliver your photos in 3-4 weeks? 6-8 weeks? 8-12 weeks? These questions are essential to make sure that your wedding photographer is giving your wedding photos back to you within a decent timeframe.

8. What if it rains on my wedding day?

Rain on your wedding day means good luck! But in case it does rain on your wedding day, the photographer will either have umbrellas for you to use or have precautionary measures in place!

9. Do you offer wedding albums?

Some do, some don’t. But I highly recommend investing in a photographer that offers wedding albums! Why? Because this album will be passed down for generations for your grandchildren to look at as years go by!

10. Do you have a list of vendors you recommend?

Save yourself time and hassle and see if your photographer has a list of vendor recommendations. Chances are, their recommendations list will be amazing and you won’t regret hiring some of their vendors for your big day!

With these questions, you should be able to make a solid decision on which photographer that you want to go with!

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10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer
10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Mar 13, 2020

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